D’Entrecasteaux House

Replete with devastating panoramas, D’Entrecasteaux House, on Bruny Island finds itself nonetheless exposed.  Winds buffet the angled terrain and so we devised a high walled courtyard to protect the inner workings of this home.  The house employs an inflected non-orthogonal plan where massive distorted trapezoidal stone walls encompass living spaces which are enriched by the resultant spatial complexity. A black interior has been created which provides relief from the blisteringly bright Tasmanian light.  D’Entrecasteaux House has a simple pallet, dark within and a pale stone exterior. Face-fixed bespoke glazing focuses attention upon very specific elements within the overwhelming landscape continuum.

Room 11 & Divisare

Lighthouse, GASP! and Little Big House have been included in the prestigious Divisare Atlas of Architecture. Showcasing excellent architecture from around the globe we are most pleased to be selected for inclusion.




Room 11 & MONA

We are delighted to be working with MONA on our latest urban project:  Heavy Metals Lab.

Won by invitational competition, this project involves the construction of a large submerged ring which moves hydraulically with the tide. Part Art, part spectacle and part scientific instrument the project offers a new mechanism for people to interact with and understand the Derwent River which has a difficult history. Heavy Metals were routinely dumped until relatively recently. This has had people outraged for some time. MONA has made a commitment to doing something about it. Room11 Architects have been commissioned to create submerged architecture which brings the state of the Derwent to collective attention. Haptic experience and technical data will be deployed in the battle for hearts and minds – raising awareness regarding an important environmental initiative.  Prototyping underway now.