GASP! with Dark MOFO PRESENT – Domenico de Clario: Thurs 20- Fri 21

GASP! & Dark MOFO are delighted to present an all-night performance by one of Australia’s most esteemed and enduring artists

Domenico de Clario
duet for one voice

Please join us at the new GASP! Pavilion at Wilkinson’s Point Thursday June 20, starting at the end of twilight, 6.25 pm and ending at sunrise the following day at 7.42 am. Forming the culmination of 40 years of art installations and performances, de Clario will be presenting a single performance over 13 hours that has taken place at different times and locations all over Australia and the world. Wear something warm, pull up a bean bag. Join us at sunrise for croissants and vegemite sandwiches at the conclusion of the performance on Friday morning– 7.15am-8.00am. Catch the Dark Mofo shuttle bus until late 6223 6064. Parking provided at Wilkinson’s Point.

Image of work credit: Fiona Fraser, SAC, Tonglen
(I think I know what I need but I always end up with what I want),
Domenico de Clario, 2013