NAM – New Architects Melbourne @ Room11

Room11 to Host next NAM!

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New Architects Melbourne (NAM) began in the Brunswick, Melbourne in April 2010 as an informal get together of small local architectural studios and colleagues who knew of people that have recently started their own practice. It provided a platform for new architects to present their story, vision and design processes and sensibilities in a casual, environment in front of peers and enthusiasts alike. On one hand it provides exposure to a particular vibrant aspect of the local industry as well as building connections and networks between architects, designers, architectural publishers and journalists, and the like.

Themes, Format and Vision

One of the running themes of NA M is a referrals process that brings more established and acclaimed architectural practices in contact with young unknown firms in order for potential clients that cannot be accommodated by the more established practices to channel these opportunities to the NAs.

NA Ms gatherings feature brief and concise presentations by local practices, talking about their project/s featuring them at various stages from speculative to completion. Each of these gatherings are held about 3-4 times a year in a various locations around Melbourne. Up til today, NA M is not officially affiliated with any established organisations or institutions and runs without financial sponsorship. It is reliant on the contributions of everyone that is passionate and generous with their time, energy with their presentations and hosting.

NA M are interested in following and partaking in the journey of people as they embark upon one of the most exhilarating, terrifying, exhausting and rewarding endeavours an architect could ever make. Their own practice. NA M hopes to continue over an extended period of time to see through the development of practices even to the point of seeing a giving back of support, mentoring and knowledge to the next generation of new architects.

We are excited to be able to part of raising the confidence, competence, skill and profile of architects that all have talent and heart to make valuable contributions to our built environment and therefore our community.

All things are possible through vision, determination and encouragement.