Room11 Hobart studio – shopfront

Status work in progress Location 358B Macquarie St, South Hobart, 7004
Photographers Ben Hosking : images 1-9 + final external shots
Jonathan Wherrett : images 10 - 15

Room11 move from our spacious rooftop studio in the middle of the city to a street interface, seeking greater engagement with the public. The petite space is left as is, sprayed black with a singular intervention, a hovering timber display and work box.

Room11 are embracing standing up at our desks – better for the internal organs. Most stand, although Crump is holding onto the relaxed recline.

The Front of the work box is to become a sales space, where we aim to curate a collection of publications for sale that excite us.

Meetings and design jams are held around the steel table by Room11, directly in the shopface, exposing our inner workings to the street and the curious passer by.

Drop in and say hi.