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Once quaint Hobart has been recast as a small but modern city in the past two years. GASP 2 (Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park Stage 2) responds both to the surrounding waterside landscape and a newfound sophistication in the city – sparked by the creation of MONA, a privately owned, A$80 million museum that has attracted art-savvy tourism. Local firm Room 11 Architects, lead by chief architect Thomas Bailey, created GASP 2. A concrete pavilion, it serves as both a ferry terminal servicing MONA and a stop-off point for those who prefer to cycle to the gallery along GASP 1 – a 4k-long wooden boardwalk and pathway.

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Room11 / GASP – Amongst best new Architectural tourist locations – The Age

Build it and they will come. Or will they? Belinda Jackson rounds up the best newcomers on the architecture scene.

“Could you visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower? Or miss the Blue Mosque when in Istanbul? The Tower Bridge is a London essential and Cairo’s pyramids are possibly the oldest tourist site on the map.

But tell friends you’re going to Oslo to see the new design by Renzo Piano and chances are you’ll be tarred with a try-hard hipster tag. “Architecture is the great public art,” says Eoghan Lewis, architect and founder of Sydney Architecture Walk, in defence of architectural tourism.”

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Royal Wolf – Under construction

Construction is underway for the site office and Victorian HQ of Royal Wolf, a shipping container alteration and supply company.  Utilising the steel fabrication skill sets of the container company, Room11 take the regular claustrophobic shipping container site office and transform it into a spacious light filled internal oasis. Positioned next to a major road in an industrial area with the constant drone of semi trailers, the office is internalised, the gardens bringing light and tranquility to an otherwise loud and hectic industrial intersection.