Bends Pool Finalist Think Brick 2017

From the Think Brick 2017 Jury:

“This project stands out for its inventive use of concrete block, monumental appearance and the wonderful way the colour and texture of the material are in conversation with the landscape”

High above Hobart, on a steep slope with a Ray Heffernan home, room11 has built a beautiful bespoke blockwork landscape. The brief called for new landscape architecture elements including a pool, outdoor living spaces, retaining walls, fence and parking area. The client and architect shared a desire to design something seamlessly, and blockwork was the first choice as a material which could confidently construct all of the landscape architecture elements required. 20.01, 30.01 and 20.48 units have been used to create a continuous terrain. Vertical surfaces are significant components of the steeply sloping site, and blockwork provides a consistency within the scheme. Pale, sophisticated and fully integrated with the Heffernan House, the Bends Pool uses blockwork to cleverly and carefully augment the life of its occupants with new outdoor elements and experiences.